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Founded in 1995, the primary business of New Ceres Solution is software consulting and services related to computer graphics, signmaking and screenprinting.

In this optic, we first developed SignofNCS, a collection of plug-ins dedicated to drive sign cutting plotters directly from the menus of Adobe Illustrator 5. Presented for the first time at Technipub exhibition in Paris in 1996,

SignofNCS has been updated on regular basis by the addition of new features as by the extension of the range of compatible sign cutting plotters. After a commercial success, this product is ending its carrier as freeware from april 2001. The latest version 3.0 is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 5.5 to 7.0.

In may 2000, we introduced NCS MagiSign as a new generation of our collection of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. Faster and easier to use for everyone, NCS MagiSign appears as a common palette in Adobe Illustrator 8 and 9, increasing by the way the interaction between Adobe Illustrator and the cutting plotters of our customers.

NCS MagiSign evolved in april 2001 with the addition of NCS MagiSign Server, an utility that adds background plotting and remote control to the previous product.

NCS MagiSign 1.3 brought the compatibility with Adobe Illustrator 10 on Mac OS 9.1 & 9.2 in 2002, while a special version of MagiSign for Mac OS X would soon be available.

NCS MagiSign 1.4 open us thedoors for Mac OS X in february 2004 and the compatibility with Adobe Illustrator CS, while version 1.5 brought the compatibility with some USB plotters in november 2004.

With NCS MagiSign 1.7 extends this era of compatibility with Adobe Illustrator CS 2.0 running over Mac OS 10.4 Tiger

The end of 2007 brings the compatibility of NCS MagiSign with MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) and still some new cutters models, while a Adobe Illustrator CS3 compatible native release of NCS MagiSign is to be delivered the first quater of 2008 (meanwhile it is possible to drive cutters from CS3 using an intermediary version of our solution for build around an Apple Rosetta emulation)

Our mission is to continue the development of our products in a way that make our solutions as open as possible to the graphic world, as we are convinced the conception of signs or screen printed artworks is not a different job, but just a part of the graphic world and, by the way, must be approached by developers as an extension of existing tools, and not as the object of dedicated and closed software.

We commonly share cutting experiences with our customers through forums there and elswhere.

NCS is one of the major sponsor of Lalogotheque.com, the french "bank of vectorial logos", where you may download few thousand logos in Illustrator format for free.

This french website offers logos, not to diffuse them in purposes of hacking or forgery, but to facilitate all the printing professions to found them easily for their graphic creations.

The same offers dedicated forums where a majority of french graphic peoples are sharing their experiences on regular basis :

We provides a similar support to english speaking customers through the Letterville Bullboard on http://www.letterhead.com